A score inspired sonically by 50's New York avant-garde, making use of Messiaenic modes for it's harmony and melody and relying heavily on added colours of hybrid synths. 

It is a prepared piano score first, using a few key players and a hybrid orchestra to extend and build on this base. 

I had a lot of fun doing this score, working closely together with director Vasilis Katsoupis. Him being a very knowledgable man not only in cinema but also in music, we had a very fruitful time together. 

In terms of post-production, sound design and re-recording mix we couldn't be more blessed with a true dreamteam led by Alek Goosse @ Agent Brussels.

Original-Score: Frederik Van de Moortel

Orchestra Recorded at Sum of Sines Studio's Boom and Rockstar Recording Niel


Contra Tenor : Steve Dugardin

Trumpet : Sam Vloemans

Violin and Alto Violin : Nils De Caster

Double Bass, piano and prepared piano :Frederik Van de Moortel

Percussion :Toon Van Dionant

Synth Programming: Frederik Van de Moortel

Musical Sound Design: Frederik Van de Moortel

Music Mix Frederik Van de Moortel

Music Consultant : Joris Hermy

Legal Representation: Luc Gullinck

Sound Department

Sound Department

Alek Goosse ... Supervising Re-recording Mixer
Gert Janssen ... supervising sound editor
Jeroen Truijens ... dialogue editor
Jurriaan van Dijck ... Assistant Sound Designer / Foley Editor / re-recording mix assistant
Elias Vervecken ... foley artist
Yi Ming Zhou ... adr recordist

 Inside @ Berlinale 2023